The terribly dangerous anomaly that went down at Charlottesville: Race, Tension, Trump.

What happened in Charlottesville? That’s a pretty hackneyed (or you could even say dumb) question right now. It’s all over the news (it’s actually sort of stale news now), everyone knows. White supremacists in the “land of the free” organized a rally to protest the removal of a confederacy statue. Wait, before we go on, let’s take a moment to think about what this means. There are actually people who can openly and unabashedly stand against efforts to correct the mistakes we made in the past.


 You begin to wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would have thought about this. All of the progress we thought we made and the changes we thought we’d wrought during the civil rights era. All of the awakening we thought we had in the 60s and 70s. All of those things have been gradually degrading under a paint coat of glib political rhetoric and correctness. The events at Charlottesville stripped off the coat of paint and showed the decay that had already occurred deep within.

Okay, let’s get back to the story. The supremacist rally was organized and held. A counter rally by demonstrators also held –at least we’re grateful for some semblance of sanity in spite all of this bleak craziness, but back to the story again-. A speeding car rammed into the anti-racist protesters. Hang on, we gotta take another break from this story. This is America, not some hot bed middle-eastern country, not a war-torn African country. Yet we’ve gotten to the point where someone is crazy enough to physically hurt (with the intent of killing) people who’re rallying for the founding values of our nation. This is scary. Very scary.

Now this: the President of the United States condemned the attacks and violence on twitter. He stated that there was no place for hate. This would have been a very good place to end this story. That our commander in chief stood against the actions of some misguided elements. Sadly, we don’t get to write realities that are not ours. The c in c backtracked a couple of days after to state that “There was blame on both sides” If you have any iota of decency and love for this nation, I do not need to explain how terrible that statement is. But if you need an explanation, here it is: The former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeted: “Thank you President Trump for your honesty and courage to tell the truth.

In conclusion, Charlottesville was not just another “race incident”. It was not just another set of brash statements and tweets from the man we voted into occupying the white house. It was not just another boiling over of tension between the far right and the far left.

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s an indication that things have gone far worse than we thought they could. We should be very worried. Well, they say worrying doesn’t solve any problems. Then we gotta get off our backsides and do something. For the future. For posterity. For our kids… and their kids… and their… For America.