Republicans Self Destructing?

This is one of the most unusual presidential campaigns in years. Newspaper and television reporters are giddy because they don’t know where to turn next. There are so many stories they have their pick of what they want to write about. As one said, it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

No one expected Donald Trump to last very long. They were thinking he might be popular for a short while and then fade like so many “fringe” candidates do. But people in the Republican Party seem to want a change and nothing is going like anyone thought it would. Ted Cruz was considered too extreme to get much of a following and yet he is in second place behind Donald Trump.

Mainstream Getting Hammered

The mainstream candidates have gotten hammered and many have dropped out. Jeb Bush never got a following even though he had lots of money that he raised and a good part of the establishment behind him. We think people didn’t wan’t a third Bush, two were enough. Chris Christie never caught on. People thought Marco Rubio would take the lead as one of the last mainstream candidates but he hasn’t garnered much enthusiasm. Finally, there is John Kasich who seems like the most down to earth of the bunch.

Kasich Feels His Time is Coming

Kasich has done fairly well in northern states and said because the southern states were front loaded in the primaries that they were trying to weather the first part and felt that they would gain strength from here on out. It will be interesting to see if he is right. He may get some help from a lot of other people who are teaming up to fight Trump.

Forces Rising Up to Stop Trump

What is really unusual is that a front runner, especially someone with as much momentum as Donald Trump gets the support of the party to try and build momentum to beat the Democrats. It is unheard of that the Republicans are in such disarray and there are so many people trying to bring Trump down.

You have Mitt Romney and John McCain calling him a liar  and $10 million dollars raised to advertise against Trump in the upcoming primaries.

Trump Hitler References

Now you have people comparing Trump to Hitler and saying how dangerous he is. This is unheard of. But then again, when have you seen a candidate telling people to kick people out of their campaign events. Some of the people who have been to his events to protest have gotten roughed up by Trump supporters, seemingly with his blessing.

The current and former presidents of Mexico both made Hitler references when referring to Trump. Bill Maher used the term “Hitler-y” to describe the treatment of protesters at Trump rallies. Louis C.K. sent a letter to fans about his new show. No big deal, except at the end of it was included a 1,400 word put down of Trump, calling him and insane bigot and comparing him to Hitler.

Saturday Night Live had a fake ad for Trump funded by “Racists for Trump” which ended with the spokesperson raising his arm and showing a swastika arm band. In the intro to the show Darrell Hammond impersonating Trump says that people haven’t seen a campaign like this since the 1930s in Germany.

Will This Hurt Trump?

This is all unprecedented but will it hurt Trump or just drive people more strongly into his camp? It may help him win the Republican nomination but will this make it harder for him to win a general election? Is he just appealing to a small fervent group that don’t represent a majority of Americans or has he somehow tapped into something that many people just aren’t seeing?

Split Convention

There are a number of people who are hoping the other candidates get enough votes that Trump can’t get enough people to win outright before the convention. They want to then have a contested convention where Trump gets the most votes in the first ballot but not a majority and then they move forward with other votes and pick someone else.

Buckle up your seat belts, this is going to be a wild ride!