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Next Republican Debate

The next Republican Party debate is coming up October 28. It is always good for some interesting theater. Especially with so many candidates it is like a 3 ring circus. But the big deal of course will be election night for the general election. With both parties throwing parties, everything comes to a standstill in Washington. Getting a taxi or a limo is almost impossible.

But who knows if the next debate will happen and who will show up? Trump started complaining first and was closely followed by Ben Carson. Trump wasn’t happy with the format. He wanted it limited to only two hours. The last one went for three hours and some of the candidates were visibly fatigued by the end of it.

Next on the wish list of Donald and Ben is to have a chance at the beginning or end to give a 20 or 30 second summary of their views. If they didn’t get their way, they were going to take their ball and go home. At least that is what they said. Who really believes they were going to skip the debate.

Reince Priebus, who is the chair of the Republican Party said that they would agree to the terms. Actually he didn’t say that exactly, but he said the party would structure the debate so that it would only be 2 hours, everyone would get an open-ended question at the start, and a thirty second closing statement.

That two hours is including commercials. How much time will they have to debate after each one answers their open ended question and time is left at the end for each to have a thirty second statement. Will they only be able to answer one or two, maybe three questions each outside of the scripted parts?

Florin cut to the point by saying she thought that Trump and Carson were afraid of answering questions for three hours straight.



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